The season of love and gift is just around the corner...  

Browse through our catalogue and you will find something for everyone and every gathering. 

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Christmas Shop

Trio Gookies

Gookies are our giant cookies.

The Trio include White Chocolate Green Tea, Oatmeal Chocolate Almond and Seasalt Dark Chocolate Macadamia.

We baked our fav cookies in giant sizes and packed them into a lovely red tin. These are perfect gifts for your friends and colleagues. The cookies keep really well and they can be warmed up for the extra oomph. We love them in the morning and during tea time!

There will be one bonus cookie in each tin in a mystery flavor!



Royal Icing Cookies

Bring these lovely cookies to any parties and everyone will so please to have them especially children!

We have snowman, gingerbreadman, candy cane, Christmas tree, snowflake and present boxes.


fr $3 each

Caramel and Dark Chocolate tartlets 

Each tartlet is handmade from scratch and filled with luscious dark chocolate  ganache and caramel pudding. We assemble our tarts freshly to ensure they stay crisp. 


16pcs - $29

25 pcs - $45

Sticky Date Brown Sugar Caramel Nuts Cake

Brown sugar sticky date sponges layered with caramel buttercream. A luscious assortment of roasted nuts bathed in salted caramel sauce sits on the top of the cake. A truly decadent treat during this festive season.


$65 -6 inches

Pink Snowy Drip cake

Gifting someone a cake for Christmas? We love the soft pink buttercream cake dressed up with sprinkles and snowflakes. Little macarons adorn the cake like Christmas baubles. Your friends will be thrilled to receive this.

Cake flavor - raspberry chocolate


$85 - 5 inch

DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

Vanilla sugar cookies cut in assorted shapes. Each decorating kit set comes with vanilla cookies, bags of icing and tubs of assorted sprinkles. We have included little gift bags with cable ties so they can make the their own presents. A perfect activity for the kids!


$18 for 6 pcs

$28 for 10 pcs

Rustic Christmas Cake

For the minimalist. Salted caramel cake adorn withe herbs and blueberries and pomegranate jewels.


$40 - 5 Inch

Rustic Christmas Drip Cake

Small indulgence starts with our signature chocolate cake decorated with lovely cherries, blue berries, promegranate jewels, chocolate pine cones and chocolate drip. 


$50 - 5 inch

Mini Gingerbread house

Scent your house with this cute little gingerbread cookie house. We think its a great display at your Christmas table. And you can eat it too! 



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