Everyday bakes is about having a slice of good cake to get ourselves ready for the day ahead. It is about indulging in good times with our love ones over a cuppa. It is about just cake minus all the creams and decorations.

We created everyday cakes just for you because we know how a slice of good cake can make everything better. 

We also created other bakes which are good as a light snack. 

These bakes are baked fresh daily and can be ordered at a day's notice. Drop us an email here to place an order. You can also contact us via facebook or call our shop line to get your hands on them. 

Honey Butter Cake

Honey Butter Cake -$16

Rich and buttery with fine crumbs. 

We reduced the sugar and added a touch of honey for the flora scent in the cake.

Brew your cup of tea and get ready for a true nostalgic indulgence. 

Perfect in the morning and during tea. 

About 7 inches by 7 inches - 650g

2020-02-27 15.51.45.jpg

Marble Cake -$16

Old fashion marble butter cake made with fine cocoa. Its buttery and light and you get the best of both worlds. 

Enjoyed it at breakfast or over tea while taking a breather from working in the office or at home.  

About 7 inches by 7 inches, 650g

2020-02-28 15.03.20.jpg

Banana Cake - $15

Fluffy and so aromatic. Who is crazy about bananas like us?

Bananas are choked full of goodness including aiding your digestive system, soothing your overworked muscles and providing you energy.

Perfect with a cup of coffee or warm the cake and scoop some vanilla ice cream over it when you need a comforting dessert. 

About 7 inches by 7 inches - 500g

2020-02-01 17.50.18.jpg

Savoury Scones -$12 (6pcs)

Our savoury scones are studded with sundried tomotoes and lotsa cheese.

Have it plain or sandwich a slice of ham and some greens for a complete snack.

They serve as a healthy snack for your kid at school. Easy to eat and fills up the tummy. 


2020-02-01 18.00.08.jpg

Sweet Scones - $10 (6pcs)


Assorted Care Pack


Our sweet raisin scones taste great on its own and even better with a slather of jam and cream.

Perfect for afternoon tea time with a cuppa of your favorite tea.

They serve as a healthy snack for your kid at school. Easy to eat and fills up the tummy. 

We all love a little bit of everything. Breakfast and tea all settled!

Care pack consist of a loaf of honey butter cake, 4  sweet scones and a bag of honey cookies. 

*You can request for a loaf of marble cake instead and also you can change the cookies to a bag of chocolate chip cookies. 

Choc Mac Cookies.jpg

Sea-salt Chocolate Macadamia -$22 (30pcs- Tub),  

$10 (bag of 10pcs)



Rich Chocolate cookies with luxurious macadamia nuts and sea salt.

Warning: It is hard to stop at one. 

Choc chip cookies.JPG

Choc Chip Cookies

$16 (25pcs - Tub), $8 (bag of 15 pcs)

** Contain Nuts**

They are crunchy and smell so good with a slight hint of coffee.

Pour yourself a glass of cold milk and dunk right in. 


Honey Cookies

$8 (bag of 15 pcs)

** Eggless, Nut Free**

One of the best cookies ever.

Thin and crisp and full on Honey flavor. Instantly transports you to Disneyland.


Wholesome Granola

$15 (Approx 250g)

Gluten Free. Sugar Free, Oil Free

Freshly made in store with oats, assorted nuts and honey. 

Great as breakfast with your favorite yogurt or milk. Perfect for munching as mid-day snack. 

If you are looking for a healthy and wholesome goody bag for your kid's party, this will be a great gift.

Speak to us for Nut Free Options and smaller packs as goody bag options