Decorated cookie (individually packed)

Flavors: Vanilla

$2 onwards

Decorated cookie pop (individually packed)

Flavors: Vanilla

$2.50 onwards

Rose Swirl Meringue (individually packed)

Additional $0.50 per piece for rainbow colors



Rose Swirl Meringue Pop (individually packed)

Additional $0.50 per piece for rainbow colors


Meringue Starlets Bag


Handmade Mini Tarts

Assorted fruits -Mango, lychee and strawberries (individually placed)

Mixed fruits- Mango, blueberries and strawberry (mixed of fruits on each tart

Chocolate - Dark chocolate tart with gold flakes

Caramel - Bittersweet caramel on pudding

16 pcs - $29

25 pcs - $45


Fillings: Chocolate ganache, Vanilla buttercream, Lemon Buttercream, Raspberry Buttercream and Salted caramel

$2 each


Triple Chocolate brownies

Box of 25 pcs



*Minimum order of 12 pcs per item except handmade mini fruit tarts and brownies.