Standard Cakes

Cake Flavors

sometimes we just need a simple cake

Prices starts from $45 for 6-8 pax.



Old Fashion chocolate cake all covered with dark chocolate fudge


Lychee Rose

Lychee Chiffon sponge with lychee mascarpone and rose scented buttercream

Gula Melaka

Vanilla chiffon with Gula Melaka cream

Orange Sicilian

Orange fluffy cake with cream cheese 

Black Forest

Chocolate chiffon cake with black cherries mascarpone cream

Red Velvet

Southern classic. Mild cocoa cake paired perfectly with cream cheese

Salted Caramel

Vanilla based cake with caramelized sea salted buttercream and drizzle

Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla Chiffon sponge with fresh cream and fresh strawberries


Mango Cake

Vanilla Chiffon sponge with mango mascarpone and fresh mangoes

Classic Vanilla

Classic vanilla butter based cake with a choice of cream cheese frosting or dark chocolate filling

Lemon Cake

Lemon cake with cream cheese and a layer of layer curd

Rainbow Cake

6 layers of rainbow hues chiffon sponges with cream cheese

* Surcharge applies

Raspberry Chocolate

Old fashion chocolate cake with Raspberry Buttercream

Earl Grey

Earl grey tea infused cake with cream cheese

Green Tea with Azuki Beans

Matcha chiffon cake with fresh cream and azuki red beans


Sticky Date

Sticky date brown sugar cake layered with salty caramel cream.

* Surcharge applies 

Sampling Cakes

Want to try our cakes before placing an order for customized cakes? Choose 2 flavors (excluding rainbow cake and carrot cake) at $30. 

Size and Guide

  • Our standard cakes are roughly 3 inches in height.

  • We do not weigh the cakes as different cake flavors may come up to different weight at the same dimensions.

  • Usually rich flavors such as chocolate cake and most butter based cake may serve even more people as a small serving slice is preferred after a heavy meal. 

  • Rainbow cake surcharge is $10. 

  • Sticky date surcharge is $10.

4 inches --- 2-4 pax $30

(not available for rainbow cake)

5 inches --- 4-6 pax $40

(not available for rainbow cake)

6 inches --- 6-8 pax $52

(not available for rainbow cake)


 7 inches --- 8-12pax $65


 8 inches --- 12-18 pax $80


 9 inches --- 16-25 pax $100


10 inches --- 24-30 pax $120