transportation care and storage

Transporting the cake

  • Transport the cake on a flat surface. Please be cautious with bumpy roads, and avoid placing the cake where the sun directly hits. (Especially for cream cakes!)

  • Do plan to make the cake collection the last stop of your errands as we do not encourage leaving the cake in the car without air condition.

  • Do drive slowly and carefully as the cakes are fragile. Avoid abrupt brakes which may cause the decorations to shift.

Storing of cakes

  • Cream cakes with fresh cream content needs refrigeration. It can be left in aircon room for about an hour and they are best eaten chilled.

  • Other cream cakes are best eaten at room temperature. Do remove from refrigerator 1-2hours (depending on temperature outside and size of cake) before serving. Eating them straight from the fridge is strongly discouraged.

  • Fondant cakes will have to be stored in air-conditioned room throughout till the cake is cut. Refrigeration is not recommended.

Serving the cake

  • To construct your customised design cake, we may have to use non-edible materials like straws, dowels, toothpicks and wires. Please be cautious when allowing children to eat the decorations.

  • We do use cake boards underneath the cake on upper tiers of our multi-tier cakes so its easy for you to serve the cake. Do serve the highest tier first, remove the cake board and continue serving the bottom tiers.

  • For cakes with paper bunting, do avoid lighting the candle near the bunting in case it catches fire.