Useful Information

How long is the lead time to place the order?

Standard Cakes

Min 3 days in advance and subjected to our availability for the week

Customized Cakes

Usually 3-4 weeks advance notice is sufficient but we do encourage confirming the order as early as you can as some dates/weekends do fill up quickly.

We will try to accept orders that are less than 3 weeks away, as long as our kitchen is able to accommodate the request. We seek your kind understanding if we are unable to bake for you as we will need to cater enough resources to complete the orders that we have already took in.

What is the price range of your cakes?

Our cake prices are based on the design and serving size.

As customised cakes prices varies according to design, the rates below are estimates with some basic decoration included. The final cake price may be more or less than suggested.

Standard cakes -- Smallest size for 6-8 pax at $45.

Customized cakes

  1. Cream Covered Cakes

  • Single tier: 6-8 pax from $75

  • 2 tier: up to 25 pax from $185

  • 3 tier: up to 50 pax from $325

2. Fondant covered Cakes
  • Single tier: 6-8 pax from $105

  • 2 tier: up to 25 pax from $265

  • 3 tier: up to 50 pax from$490

Handmade Figurines

  • Animals from $30 each

  • Human figurines from $45 each

  • Vehicles from $30 each

  • 3D balloons from $15 for bunch of 3

What is the best way to discuss cake designs?

Meet-ups aren’t necessary. We coordinate with most of our clients through e-mail. Through e-mail, we can exchange ideas, and easily document the design process between our clients and ourselves. From experience, phone discussions are not ideal as it takes up additional time for us to document the discussion and information can be misrepresented. Do share with us cake designs that you like. You can visit our Facebook or Instagram for cake designs that are available. You can also share other ideas/designs with us. Our cake studio is meant for us to prepare the cakes as well as collection point for customers who opt for self-collection. We do not have retail hours as our cakes are based on pre orders only. We are unable to handle walk-in discussions and Whatsapp enquiries. This is to best ensure all communications with customers are able to be shared correctly with our staff.

Can you replicate cake designs?

As all cakes and most decorations are handmade, no two cakes will be exactly the same. You can let us know which design aspect is important to you and we will try to make sure that they are included. For designs created by other local cake decorators, we will advise that you check with them first if they are able to bake it for you. If you prefer that we replicate the cakes, do allow us the discrepany to change it a little so that we are not copying the designs of other bakeries.

Are you halal certified?

We do not have halal certification as our kitchen is not halal certified. However, we do use mostly halal ingredients and our cakes do not contain pork or lard

What are the popular flavors?

Our popular flavors include Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lychee Rose and Strawberry Shortcake. Do note that Lychee Rose and Strawberry Shortcake are chiffon base cakes with fresh cream content and only available under customized cream cakes. For tiered cakes, you can select different flavors for each tier with a duo flavour surcharge of $10.

Why can't I select flavors with asterisk for 2 tier customized cream cakes as the base tier flavor?

These softer cakes cannot be selected as the base tier flavour as they are too soft to support another tier above. They can however be selected as the top tier flavor still. Also, do look under “How do I store and transport my cake “ to determine if your celebration venue’s conditions is ideal for storing the cakes.

Besides cakes, do you have other desserts?

Yes! We do have cupcakes, cookies, meringues, macarons and tarts. We are able to customise most of these treats but the extent of customisation differs. Send us your ideas and we will try our best to work it out for you.

Do you have dessert table packages?

Apologies that we do not have packages and do not provide setup of dessert tables. We can customised cakes and other treats for your party with your theme and colors in mind. The cakes and treats can then be pick up from our store or delivered to your venue.

Is the cake stand provided as part of the cake price?

The cake stands can be rented from us. Rental are generally between $15 to $30 for three days. There is $50 deposit per item that will be refunded when the items are returned in its original condition with its packaging. As our cake studio is not a retail shop with standard operating hours, please call /email us to arrange for a time to return the items.

Can you help me to place my own cake toppers on the cake?

We usually encourage customers to bring in their cake toppers about 3 days prior to the collection or delivery of the cake so we have sufficient time to place them on the cake safely

If you need us to put the toppers for you on the day of collection, do bring it in about 30 mins earlier.

If the toppers are not suitable to be placed at our site, we will let you know. This is usually because the toppers may fall during transportation.

Can you bake my cake in the exact shades as the picture?

Colors are especially hard to replicate as they are all mixed by hand. We do try to work with tones like pastel or bold therefore you can let us know if you have a preferred tone of colors. For bold colors like red and black, do take note that there will be more coloring used to achieve the color and it may stain your mouth when eating the cream.

Can you make the cream in pure white?

For cream cakes in white, the creams have a natural tone of yellow from the butter content therefore we wouldnt be able to achieve a pure white for cream covered cakes.

Can I eat the handmade figurines?

Yes you can. The figurines are edible but we do not encourage the children to eat them on their own as we do use non edible but food safe items like toothpicks in them. It will be safer to break it up for them if they wish to eat it.

Can I make last minute changes to the theme of my cake?

For customized cakes, all amendments must be informed at least 10 days in advance. As some decorations take a longer time to create, we wouldnt be able to accommodate any last minute changes.

Can i increase or decrease the size of my cake after confirming the order?

If you wish to make changes to the size of the cake, do let us know latest 7 days in advance. We wouldnt be able to accommodate changes made after the grace period.

Can I change my cake flavor after confirming the order?

Do let us know at least 7 days in advance if you wish to change the cake flavor. Late notice will not be accommodated.